We Provide Financing For Fix and Flip Enterprises

In many parts of the country, the fix and flip market is on the upswing because of national demographic changes. If you are an entrepreneur or already established in this potentially lucrative business, you know how important upfront working capital is for the maintenance and healthy operating of your business.

Here at Vista Capital Solutions, we are a leading provider of fix and flip financing. We offer two main lines of financing in this arena: Lines of credit and outright loans. When you partner with us, you’ll be pleased with the speed at which your funding arrives. You’ll be able to keep your business on track and your customers happy.

Lines of Credit

At Vista Capital Solutions, our lines of credit for those in the fix and flip business come with generous provisions:

  • Credit amounts up to $5 million (up to 90% of the cost of properties; up to 95% for renovations)
  • Funds can be used for multiple properties (up to 500 or more)
  • Low rates and terms up to 24 months
  • Speedy closings with 18 days or less


Similarly, our loans for fix and flip businesspeople are equally attractive:

  • Loan amounts up to $10 million (up to 90% of the cost of properties; up to 100% for renovations)
  • As in lines of credit,¬†low rates and terms up to 2 years
  • Fast closing in 17 days or much less
  • Never any prepayment penalty

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