Jan 11, 2022 — Vista Capital Solutions, LLC helps clients to identify the best funding source for their real estate or business projects. The advantage of working with Vista Capital Solutions, LLC is getting access to private capital solutions most of which are not normally available to the public. 

Once a relationship is formed, clients say that they consider Vista Capital Solutions, LLC to be their “in-house” financing department, freeing up time so that busy professionals can concentrate on other aspects of a business. 

Possessing a knack for finding the right solutions, where other companies cannot, their clients often exclaim, “We should have called you first!”  Client testimonials include:

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and guidance through our 1st property.  It’s been quite a rewarding journey. We wouldn’t be where we’re at without your help and advice.  I really appreciate it so much for all you’ve done; from getting updates from the underwriter and giving us advice on our next property.  You’ve been there since Day 1 to help. Thanks so much!” – Lynh N.

We are beyond grateful and appreciative of everything that you did for us throughout this whole process.  We couldn’t have done this without all your help.  Thank you for your patience and expertise, you’re amazing!  We will make sure to give you all our business from here on and look forward to working with you on the many more deals we have in the works.  Thank you again!” David S. “We have tried to get financing on our own, but we were having a difficult time getting to the right people and managing our time with our development project.  We would like to work with you on all our projects and have you use your connections and expertise in getting the financing for us.” – A. K.

Considered as ‘the’ source to private capital markets, their team can source a client’s entire capital stack, from debt to equity, for real estate or business needs. The company policy is to get their clients a loan term sheet within 24-48 hours after a complete application is submitted.

Vista Capital Solutions, LLC has a strong reputation for acting as professionals who can be counted on to deliver results for clients. They are client-centric; strategizing on how to bring in the necessary and right financial resources to achieve a client’s project goal.

According to Ginger, “2022’s outlook for financing looks great.  Our clients can expect access to top-tier capital providers through our company’s networking efforts and building of strategic partners.  We’re excited to help our clients grow and scale their real estate portfolio and businesses.”

About Ginger Macias Hernandez

With over 13 years of real estate and financing experience, Ginger Hernandez, is a leader and featured speaker in the real estate industry. Due to her extensive experience as a landlord, rehabber, developer, and business owner she is uniquely qualified to now help others to succeed in their business journey.  In starting Vista Capital Solutions, LLC, she has now joined with her husband, Rene Hernandez, who brings over 20 years of construction experience.  Together they have a mission to align their client’s goals with the capital needed to achieve them.

About Vista Capital Solutions, LLC

Always working hard to expand their network of capital sources, Vista Capital Solutions, LLC’s main business driver is to look for ways to better serve their clients. This includes sharing the latest industry, economic, and finance news by way of podcasts, articles, and in-person networking events.  Their goal is to be a full-service resource for clients: from starting or expanding a company with the right financial strategy; bringing networking and educational opportunities with leaders in the industry; and by providing marketing services to increase their clients revenue, year after year. 

“We do not have a transactional business model.  Our mission is to become a strategic partner to help grow and scale our clients’ businesses for years to come. Our success only comes with helping our clients be successful,” states Ginger.

Future expansion includes a national sales force, and they will only hire those who possess the same passion as they do for clients; someone who will go the extra mile to make sure each client succeeds and grows.  Ginger says, “In the next 5 years, we see our team built out and us solidifying strategic partners worldwide who can be a resource to our clients.” 

Media Contact
Company Name: Vista Capital Solutions, LLC
Contact Person: Ginger Macias Hernandez
Email: info@VistaCapitalSolutions.com
Phone: (818) 665-3577
Country: United States
Website: https://vistacapitalsolutions.com/