You probably remember using your personal credit lines to take out the initial loans needed to open your business. Before starting a company, you don’t have any business credit. Even after a few years, it is possible that your company still won’t have established business credit. If you don’t actually work on your business score, then you may never have this kind of credit. Discovering ways to beef up your business credit score can help your company realize a whole host of untapped opportunities.

Repair Your Personal Credit

Your personal credit score and business credit score are two totally different entities. However, the first factor in establishing a business score is maintaining a decent personal credit score. Before you can start building business credit, you should focus on any necessary personal credit repair first. If you find that your individual score needs improving, there are some things you can do. Any derogatory marks can keep your score down, so try to dispute these items with each of the different credit bureaus. If you’re successfully able to remove any of these negative marks, your score will increase as a result.

Build Your Business Credit

Although the first step toward building business credit is focusing on your personal credit repair, there are additional measures you should consider. One way to start having good business credit is by paying your bills as early as possible. This factor is very important to the bureaus that determine business scores. Checking with these bureaus can help you understand other factors that make up your score, so you don’t waste time with unnecessary actions.

Understand the Benefits of Good Credit

Before you go through the necessary credit repair to begin building your business score, you want to understand why this type of credit is significant. Not all companies have established business credit, and it may limit future growth in many ways. A good business credit score makes you eligible for financing opportunities that can dramatically expand your company. A good business score can make or break a deal, especially when purchasing or leasing commercial real estate. If you want to grow your business and make exponential profits, you should pay attention to building business credit.

There are many benefits to establishing a decent business credit score. Your personal credit will improve, your business will grow, and you will realize many new opportunities as a result of your hard work.