Equipment financing is an excellent option for your new company to get the fixtures, tools, machinery, and software it needs to stay productive. It is also a valuable capital source if you want to upgrade systems to remain competitive in your industry.

Equipment Loans

Equipment loans provide the funds necessary to purchase specific equipment pieces. These loans typically have a fixed timeframe for repayment, between one and five years. At the end of the terms, you own the equipment, which adds equity value to your portfolio.

Equipment Leases

You may choose to lease your necessary items instead of purchasing them. This kind of financing is similar to renting. You pay the owner of the equipment a monthly fee for its use. Typically, at the end of your lease terms, you have the options to renew, upgrade or purchase the tools. Equipment leasing agreements also offer tax benefits that can be used to recoup expenses.

No Collateral

With this kind of loan, the items you buy serve as the collateral to back the borrowed funds, making it an excellent resource if you do not have sufficient assets to support traditional funding. Additionally, since there is built-in collateral, this kind of lending is considered less risky, resulting in potentially lower interest rates than standard options. The equipment financing rates you receive depend on your unique qualifications and what type of equipment you purchase.


Applying for an equipment loan is more straightforward than other small business loans. There are fewer requirements and less paperwork involved in the application process. Be prepared to present the following documents:

  • Personal and professional credit scores
  • Price of the equipment you intend to buy
  • Bank statements
  • Business tax returns
  • Voided company check
  • Personal identification


Requirements vary depending on the size of the loan or the type of equipment needed. Some standard qualifications include the following:

  • Number of years in operation
  • Business plan
  • Personal creditworthiness
  • Annual revenue
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Balance sheet or cash flow statement

Vista Capital Solutions offers comprehensive equipment financing options for businesses in every industry. Whether you want to purchase or lease equipment, the team at Vista Capital Solutions has you covered. Contact us today to get started.