0% Credit Card Processing

Our new vendor partnership can now lower your operating costs!
A revolutionary payment platform that allows merchants to eliminate their credit card processing fees forever!

0% Credit Card Processing

One Low Fixed Monthly Technology Fee

No Minimum Purchase

Used On Any Platform, With Any Processor And On A Variety Of Payment Devices

No Minimum Volume

Unlimited Processing

Contactless Payments

More Profit, More Opportunity

The Most Economical Way To Accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American Express Transactions

How It Works

In the past, merchants had to absorb the cost of credit card transactions. Due to changes in card network rules, merchants now have the option to charge different prices for cash and credit card transactions.

Accepting Credit Cards Has Never Been Easier!

The Vendor automatically shifts the cost of processing credit card payments from you to the end end-user.

Customer Notification

Notify your customers that payments made with cash receive a cash discount.  Other forms of payments are welcome yet will incur a non non-cash adjustment.

There Are No Calculations That Need To Be Done

The propriety software applies the standard adjustment for all credit card purchases.

Works For All Merchants

It is not a surcharge program! It keeps up with all state and federal regulations.